More to life than money! David Villa says no to Chelsea.

June 16, 2008

How refreshing it is to hear that one of the brightest talents in the game, David Villa, will say no to a contract with Chelsea.
I don’t mean that to sound as though I have something against him joining Chelsea, in fact I’d love to see him play in the premier league, but his reasons for declining set an example for others to follow.

Basically he has said I’m really happy in Spain and I’m not interested in moving on for any amount of money.

I bet his agent is still recovering from the shock!!

Any youngsters that are looking for a new role model have the perfect guy here.

In an age where Man Utd can pay their 16 year olds near on a £100,000 a year it’s so easy for young players to lose sight of reality and of the game and take the money from a young age. It’s nice to see a guy say hey I know I live a remarkable life already! There’s only so many big houses and flash cars you can have before it all becomes a bit mundane and if I stay here I can have all that, some nice sunshine and really enjoy my football. If I move to London I have to put up with rain for 3 months of the year, cold for 3 months of the year, rain and cold for 3 months of the year then have a few half decent ones in the summer which I’d probably spend in Spain anyway! Plus I’d probably spend half my time on the bench and pay a fortune in tax and fuel on my lovely motors.

And to cap it all off, you have to admit, it is quite funny that despite all of his billions, Abramovich still can’t afford a modest Villa in Spain!


One Response to “More to life than money! David Villa says no to Chelsea.”

  1. FPB Says:

    great end line n. wish i’d come up with that and good article.

    have done another spoof interview back at the blog if you’re interested – garth crooks tackles graham taylor. oh yes.


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