Scolari takes the Chelsea hotseat.

June 12, 2008

Luis Felipe Scolari, “Big Phil”, was last night named as Chelsea boss.
The job that nobody wanted was finally filled by the Portugal boss just minutes after Portugals impressive 3-1 win against the Czech Republic.

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself about his influence in the premier league already.

It all clicked into place, his helping hand at unsettling Ronaldo at United makes sense now. Knowing he was going to be Chelsea boss next season makes him want to get rid of the largest thorn he is likely to encounter, taking 40 goals a season off their nearest rivals is certainly a help.
Saying that the best move to help his career is to go to Real Madrid is a shocking statement, when you realise he was only actually saying that to benefit his own career, not that of Christiano Ronaldo.

So is it a good signing?
Well I think “Big Phil” has a bit to do to actually convince me. Of course the purists will say that he has won the world cup!!! But that was with a team that could have won the world cup managerless. Brazil where a dream team and Scolari moved on quickly after that, knowing expectations would be too much to live up to. In fairness he was right though and things began to fall apart a little after his departure.

His appointment at Portugal has coincided with some outstanding talent emerging. I am sure the Portuguese will be gutted to see him go, and the players I am sure will want to send him out with another trophy.

So why do I suggest I am still to be convinced?
Well I think Brazil and Portugal have spoilt Scolari for choice having world class talent to choose from.
Of course the bank balance at Chelsea ensures he can build a dream team of his own now but it’s the first season that I will be interested in. Will he be able to keep the key players he has and if so will he turn them back into champions?

I think he will be a great cup manager and so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take the European cup this year (although if Ronaldo goes to Madrid I would love to see United meet Real in the final!!) but I am not convinced he can take the league.


One Response to “Scolari takes the Chelsea hotseat.”

  1. Mike Says:

    The guy’s a genius. “Hey Ronaldo, I hear Madrid is nice this time of year!” Classic! The tactical war is on, and the season is months away. When does the poaching war between Phil and Jose begin?

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